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Students have to prepare 9-10 assignments on various course subjects over a semester in colleges and universities. It is practically an insurmountable task to complete all the assignments while adhering to the deadline. This is exactly the reason why online academic writing services have cropped up in recent years where students can pay for assignment help. too as an assignment service provider takes the responsibility of delivering well-versed assignments within the deadline at affordable prices. We have no hidden costs and we don’t charge any additional taxes. Read through the article for finding out everything you need to know before you pay for assignment to us.

A number of online assignment help providers have come up in recent years which provide cheap, efficient and quick assignment help services to university and college students. At the same time, we come across horror stories of students being robbed by many such online assignment help services. Many students have complained of higher prices, shoddily done assignments and delay in assignment services. We as an academic assignment service provider, however, take our commitment to provide quality academic assignment help at affordable prices seriously. We charge for what we provide. Otherwise there are no hidden costs, no extra taxes and no sky-rocketing charges. We are proud of our affordability and the value for money which we provide. Here is everything you needed to know about the prices and the payment methods of

Who can write my Assignment for me? Experts of Can!

We are the leading assignment writing service in the industry that has been providing assistance to students for a decade. We have PhD qualified experts from different educational backgrounds who draft well-documented assignments so that you can secure better marks in class. We have been present in the industry for quite a long time, so we are well acquainted with the education system of big-ticket countries like UK, Australia, USA, New Zealand, Canada and more. However, difficult an assignment may be, our writers always adhere to the deadline. We are proud to say that we have never missed a deadline. We are known for our professionalism and timely service. You can order assignments even at a very short notice and pay for assignment online via PayPal.

Can I Pay Someone to do My Assignment? You Exactly Can!

Yes, you can pay for assignment writing to our experts. We have some interesting features lined up for students when it comes to payment options and pricing policies.

Unlike other assignment writing services, we do not have any fixed rate for assignments. Each student has different assignment requirements and so we follow a customized rate plan. You will receive a price quote when you fill up the order form, specifying your assignment details. You also have to specify the number of words and pages of your assignment. After evaluating the assignment details, our writers will decide on a quote which you will receive from our support team.

After receiving the price quote, you can pay for university assignment. We have multiple payment options including virtual online bank PayPal, Money Gram and other international credit cards powered by American Express, VISA and MasterCard. We record your personal details securely in our database.

We also have a special refund policy. If you cancel your order before our experts begin with your task, you can order another assignment for the same price. However, if you cancel the assignment after our writers have started working on it, you will have to continue with it to compensate our writers. If you think we have not prepared the assignment as per your instructions, we will make endless revisions. We will also take strict actions against the writer to preserve our standard and reputation.

“I don’t have Time to do my Assignment” – Visit

Yes, you read it right! We are the one-stop solution for all your assignment related troubles. There are many students like you who don’t get enough time to work on assignments. They are either doing part-time jobs to support themselves financially or are busy with other co-curricular activities. For writing an assignment, you need to spend weeks planning for it and assembling information from various sources. Assignment writing is crucial because a section of your overall examination scores depend on how you perform in these assignments. It is best to pay for assignment help to because the step-by-step guidance provided by our experts can prove beneficial for you even in the long run. You can adopt the tips and tricks recommended by our assignment makers for drafting an assignment. Once you get into the habit, you will not have to go for paid assignments online. Instead you will be able to prepare your own assignments and deal with scores of them at a time.

You are at One-Stop Solution Portal with Top Experts

When you pay for assignment help to us, you get service worth the money. At, our assignment writers help in solving different assignment related issues of students.

  • We help students with introduction and thesis statement

The introduction of any assignment is a crucial section because it will decide whether a reader will go through the paper further or not. Our writers help students with the introductory paragraph of an assignment. They begin the introduction with a hook to arrest the attention of the readers and get them engaged. We provide a brief background of the topic so that readers get acquainted with its context. At the end of the introductory paragraph, we put forward the thesis statement which presents a student’s opinion on a topic. We compose the assignment centered on the thesis statement.

  • We help students in revising the draft

After completing the assignment, our writers revise the draft several times to make sure that no errors get overlooked. Professors form a negative impression when they find an assignment filled with unpleasant errors. They take you as an irresponsible student and this can make your grades low. Our assignment writers read each assignment minutely after its completion. We also have a separate team of editors and proofreaders who revise the draft to make it flawless. They remove irrelevant content from the write-up to meet the word limit.

  • We verify the referencing style and double-check sources

While preparing an assignment, we keep making noting down all the sources we are using for the paper. We prepare a separate bibliography list where we give credit to all the authors whom we have cited in the assignments. We follow the standard referencing style specified by a university. We also double-check sources to make sure that the information is verified and authentic. When you pay for assignment, we try our best to provide service that is value for money.

You can Always Count on Assignment Help Service provided by

Unlike other online services, our approach towards the entire procedure is different. When you pay for assignment writing to us, you can communicate with our experts directly to convey your requirements. You can ask for free samples from our experts to evaluate the quality of work before hiring. You can also read the client testimonials on our homepage that proudly reflects our achievement in the particular niche. Some of the distinct features of our assignment help service for which most students want to get paid assignments are –

  • Original and customized assignments

Our assignment writers start composing each assignment from scratch to meet your requirements. We conduct in-depth research to gather relevant information from our in-house database, journals, articles and other online resources. We provide you with original and customized assignments always.

  • Use of plagiarism-checker tool

Plagiarism is a severe violation of academic rules. Our company maintains strict policies to keep it in check. Our experts check each assignment through plagiarism-detecting software to remove plagiarized content from the paper. You can also get the report from us at a nominal rate of $2.

When you pay for university assignment, we make sure that you get value for money. If you are not satisfied with the write-up, we are always willing to accommodate. We provide unlimited revisions to meet your expectations and also to rectify grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

  • 24x7 availability of support team

Our customer care representatives are available round the clock to resolve your queries. You can feel free to contact our support team anytime via live chat, call or email. You can also drop us a mail at and we will get back to you at the earliest.

“Do my Assignment Online before the Deadline” – Experts are available to Do It

Our experts have never backed out from taking up assignments on complicated topics. No matter how difficult an assignment is, we have always delivered it long before the scheduled time. Our experts are able to get assignments done on time because we don’t spend much time for gathering information from here and there. We have an in-house database which comprises of most updated information on varied topics. We break a task into small chunks and set mini deadlines so that it can be completed on time. When you pay for assignment, you can be sure of receiving your task within the given timeframe.

What is

First up, who are we? Well, we are the world’s most favorite service provider in online assignment help, custom essay help and dissertation writing services. We have been in the business for quite some time now and have already acquired the tag of Australia’s No 1 assignment help provider. By No 1, we don’t mean the biggest but the best in quality, delivery and pricing. Our mission is to inspire and empower students and three of our core values include: A+ quality work, on-time delivery and affordable prices.

Our quality is ensured by our 3000+ assignment experts, specializing in 100 plus subjects. They are all PhD holders. Being former research students, they are well aware of the trials and tribulations of student life. They specialize in subjects like law, management, computer engineering and nursing. With so many subjects to choose from, you get endless permutations and combinations of subjects.

Quality is matched by on time delivery. We have never missed a deadline. Students marvel at our professionalism and timely service. We have students who have had ordered assignments at middle of the night. There have been students who have ordered their assignments at a very short notice only to be bowled over by our assignments.

But want to know our best feature. It is surely our price structure. Let us look at our charges and payment options in details.

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Our company has a robust team of more than 3000 academic writers from different educational backgrounds. Most of our writers are PhD holders and they have earned their degrees from celebrated universities of UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and others. When you are paying to write assignment, we give the task to our native English writers who are well-adapted with the guidelines followed in your country’s university. So you can never run into the risk of getting substandard assignments from us. Thousands of students who have taken paid assignments from us have secured better marks in class and prospered in their career. So, pay our experts for assignments in Australia, US, UK, Canada and for that matter, any country, and pass out with flying colors!

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We help students to save a ton on their assignment help with our offers.

  • Our regular offers include 500 dollars of cash back on a total order of 5000 dollars. This is our bumper offer.
  • There are plenty of other regular offers. If you book any 5 assignments within 7 days, you will get one assignment free of cost.
  • If you book 3 assignments on the same topic, you will get a fourth assignment absolutely free. You can get these assignments for your friends.
  • We also have 10 percent off on assignments to be submitted within 48 hours. This can be used by people who are in a hurry and yet want to save some bucks.
  • Finally, if you book three assignments within 72 discounts, get additional discounts on the second and the third assignments.

How to Order for Your assignments?

Now that you know the secret of saving on your assignments, all you have to do is to follow three simple rules:

  1. You will need to log on to the website and provide all the assignment details
  2. Next our assignment experts will get back to you with quote.
  3. Make the payment using methods described earlier and get your assignment delivered to your mailbox. So start ordering and saving money with

I got two assignments on World War I. The questions seemingly implied a detailed analysis of the role of journalists and Wilfred Owen’s poems on the war. I have been studying World War I in detail for the whole session and was very relaxed when these assignments were announced in the class. In fact, I did not even start working on these assignments for a few weeks since I was busy with hockey practice.

I started working on these assignments and completed them with a week left for submission. Since I had time left for submission, I gave the assignments to a known senior of mine for review. To my horror, she came to me a day later and informed me that both the papers did not answer the assignment’s question!

I panicked at that moment because I had very little time to start afresh. To top that off, the assignment questions were based on rarely known facts for which material was hardly available. So I asked for her advice to complete the assignments without having to restart them. She suggested searching online for assignment help where I could hire an expert who could write my assignments in five days.

I searched on the Internet for a writer who could pull this off and save my grade. Although I visited many websites that claimed to write perfect assignments for low prices, none of the said prices were low. All of them would have unsettled my monthly budget. All my work in the part-time job would have gone in vain if the assignments turned out to be bad. I just could not bring myself to trust their claims.

Then, I came across a review site in which the services of an assignment assisting website called ‘’ had amazing reviews from many students. Many of them had given 5-star ratings for the site’s services.

When I visited the site, firstly I had to place an order to know the prices. On browsing the site further, I found samples of previously written History assignments and read them. The quality of those assignments was top-notch and gave me confidence to place an order. Also, I placed the order knowing that I could cancel it before actually paying if I found out that the prices were too high.

When I filled in the type of assignments I needed and the number of words that were required (1200 each), I was told the price of the assignments and judging from that, I was convinced that the reviews were genuine and this site did offer assignment writing assistance at a throwaway price. So finally I decided to hire this site’s writers for my assignments and I booked my order and set them a deadline of 3 days. I also paid an additional $2 fee for a plagiarism report to ensure that the assignments were authentic.

I too started writing the assignments on my own, still not completely convinced that they would be able to complete both assignments on time without any error. This time, I had difficulties in relating to the assignment’s question with the topic. I felt helpless and became totally dependent on this site’s History writer for the assignments.

Curious for answers, I decided to use the live chat facility to ensure that the assignments were being worked on, and also to know why journalists were arrested even though they were keeping the soldiers’ relatives informed about the war. I also wanted to know why Wilfred Owen’s poems on war were not appreciated when he wrote them.

Now, I knew the background of these two questions but I could not find relevant material to answer the questions in detail as was required in the assignment. In the live chat, I spoke to their representative Phil and he spoke to me in the most polite manner. He assured me that the assignments were carefully being dealt with and that I would receive them before the deadline. And he cleared my doubts about the questions as well. I must admit that he is a terrific guy.

The first assignment arrived in the morning of the second day and the other one arrived in the middle of the third day. They sent the two assignments before the deadline and I was pretty impressed. Even though the delivery was quick, I was still doubtful of the quality of the assignments.

So, I called upon my senior again that day (and luckily she had spare time) to review one assignment while I checked the other. She did not find any mistake in the assignment that she reviewed while I found some minor quotation errors in the ‘journalists’ assignment.

I called the site’s service staff on +61-2-6100-3843 and asked for re-work to be done on the assignment to put in relevant and proper quotations in place of the irrelevant ones. They assured me that the re-work would be done within 24 hours free of cost after I receive a call back soon for the re-work. I agreed to this arrangement as it was a fair deal.

I received a call back after around 8 hours and they again assured me that I would receive the assignment within 24 hours after a thorough proofreading so that any other error could be removed.

So, on the next day (which was one day before submission), I received the edited assignment at around 3pm which was 6 hours before the re-work delivery deadline. And this time, there were no mistakes in the assignment.

I submitted my assignments on time and received an ‘A’ grade in both of them. I’m glad I hired a writer from because, as you have read, they gave me high quality assignments before the set deadline. They also completed a minor re-work before the deadline! Considering the regular service to be this good, I will definitely opt for the Premium services next time.

Fellow students can view these ratings and blindly trust this site’s experts to give you great assignments –

Quality: 5/5

Service: 5/5

Deadline Meeting: 5+/5

Content: 4.5/5

So, I give them an overall rating of 5 out of 5 which is fully deserved.

My only suggestion to the site would be to show the prices for various assignments before placing an order. Otherwise, this site has been of immense help to me. Thank you guys and keep up the good work!