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Professor Kliq Generation Gap Essay

Alexei Staruk Ever since I found Kliq in the description of an old Youtube video about 2 years ago, I've been exploring the electronic genre more and more. But no matter what I listen to, no matter how weird and ecentric or boring and bland the music can get, I always find myself coming back to this bandcamp page, back to this little oasis of music. Favorite track: My Backpack.

MicNagic Clean and tasty beats from Professor Kliq. I hadn't heard of him before this album and am now giving his discography a listen. I love the honesty of the album, his story and of course the tunes. some better than others but all-round a great album. Favorite track: Plastic & Flashing Lights.

Jarek Chase Brockman I've been looking to expand my collection of Electronic music, and this amazing album is (even though I've said it a few times before) exactly what I've been looking for. Just amazing, Jammin' electronic music. I could not ask for more. Favorite track: Plastic & Flashing Lights.

Leigh Dyer Funky-fresh instrumental hip-hop Favorite track: Plastic & Flashing Lights.

Сьюзан внимательно вглядывалась в буквы. Вскоре она едва заметно кивнула и широко улыбнулась. - Дэвид, ты превзошел самого.

Люди на подиуме с недоумением переглянулись.