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Essay The Combination of Society and Culture

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The Combination of Society and Culture

Without delving into deep sociological theories of the nature of society, we can consider human societies as any community of individuals who are united together by a common bond of nearness or intercourse and are those who recognize each other as associates, friends and acquaintances. Individuals who play certain roles and the relationships between each role form the society itself. The complexity of society makes it difficult for us to identify our relationships. Generally, societies form different norms and cultures and these norms and cultures will change. Despite the changes in ones society and culture, members of any society like happiness in their own ways. In complex societies, it is…show more content…

A central challenge for any culture is trying to secure an acceptable if not virtuous mode of collective life (Gergen 185). This is called the moral project. This project, if completed, would create the ideal utopian society. Our western culture has sought to construct an intelligibility that can be shared by all, an image of moral life and how it is to be achieved. The problem here lies in the emergence of new technologies such as cell phones, the Internet, and faxes that have expanded and intensified the domain of social connection. This is bringing about a whole new type of society and cross culturalization among people. The new question from this is, Can the traditional conceptions of self and community remain a viable basis for moral order? Humans also use symbols to distinguish between different societies and cultures. The uses of requests, commands, commendations, corrections, greetings, symbols, and so on have practical consequences in cultural life. To theorists, language is seen as an unremarkable tool that people use to coordinate activities. On the other hand, symbols can be regarded as one of the most basic systems of human expression. Symbols convey a deep and almost instinctive meaning to people. Whether it is seen as embodying violence and oppression or as a rallying point, symbols make up the very fabric of identity. A symbol's very existence and meaning depends on whom it is representing. A given symbol

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Culture VS. Religion

There are a number of people that identify with culture, and/ or religion. There are a lot of big differences between the culture and religion, and there are a significant amount of similarities. Some of the most important similarities include the fact that people identify with culture and religion, both of these terms define a way of life, and both of these terms impart a set of rules or guidelines in order to be considered a part of that social group. Some of the greatest differences is that a religion is a part of a certain culture, culture does not necessarily mean that the people are worshiping a god, religion has a more defined process, and a culture can be defined by the way people act socially instead of morally. These are just a few of the greatest similarities and differences.

When it comes to identifying one’s self with a particular culture, there tend to be guidelines that are a little more vague than the rules and guidelines of a religion. Where a culture could be defined by race or geographic location, a religion is defined by the exact moral practices of a group of people. When it comes to being accepted by a culture, it is typically after practicing the traditions of the culture enough that it becomes like second nature and feels natural to you. However, in order to become a part of a religion, you would have to be tested and formally accepted to the religion in order to be officially brought in to that specific religion. While people of a certain culture might tend to practice a certain type of religion, this does not mean that the god is a part of the culture. Instead it means that the religion is a part of the culture, and the god is a part of that religion. While there are a lot of similarities, there are still a lot of differences as well.

The comparison of culture to religion is a rather challenging task. There are so many elements of the two that are hard to define and even more challenging to put in a specific category. When you are trying to identify with a specific culture or religion, it is important to identify with the elements one at a time in order to truly identify yourself as being a full on member. Culture is more relaxed to become a part of where religion is more formal.