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Ideas For An Essay On Responsibility

8 Suggestions On How To Create An Essay On Responsibility For 9th Graders

Are you wondering you to write a good essay about responsibility for your 9th grade? Do you need someone to guide you in formatting and structuring your paper? Are you looking for a good suggestion to help you complete your paper on time? Do you want to come up with a strong paper and impress your teachers? Do you need to write a winning paper that can help you earn a good grade? Are you confused because the subject or assignment type is new for you? Do you think it is difficult to follow the instructions by your teacher? Do you need someone to help you in writing a proofread paper for your school?

It is definitely your right to think about certain questions and similar situations because you need to attempt a winning paper. You would want to impress your teachers, make your parents proud, and stay ahead from the rest of the class by writing an excellent paper on responsibility. It is a good subject because when you research under it, you will find useful information and inspirational quotes about being responsible and when you write about it then you may actually start practicing it more seriously. Words definitely have a lasting impact on the reader and the writer both

Consider the following tips for writing a great paper for your school

  1. Understand your subject by carrying out research, listening from seniors, discussing with parents, visiting a library, using the internet and from life of great leaders. You may also develop an interest in the subject by watching a relevant movie or documentary about it.
  2. Create a roadmap or blueprint for your assignment. You need to make sure that this contains all the important things and sections for your paper so that you can use it later to write your first draft.
  3. Write first, edit later. Make a habit of proofreading every section individually and checking them altogether in the end when you complete your paper.
  4. Use fresh, relevant, recent, and valid data to support your stance in the paper. You may use real life experiences and concrete examples as a supporting evidence in your assignment.
  5. Follow the requirements by your teacher carefully and do not ignore any instruction by her.
  6. Make sure your paper is original.
  7. Use online tools and programs to check the originality of your assignment.
  8. Stay objective

Essay on The Effects Of Power On Responsibility

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The Effects of Power on Responsibility

Power and responsibility have a complex relationship that is connected by factors such as a person’s morals and ethics, personality, and under what conditions the person was raised. In a world where power can be found in many forms and in many places, the use and abuse of power can be seen regularly. Power is not just being the CEO of a fortune five-hundred company, or being an elected political representative, the manager of Taco Bell has power, as well as parents as they raise their children. These are the people who have the most influence on how power is used, and if it is used with responsibility. In the United states there are five-hundred and thirty-five congressmen, a president, and a…show more content…

But who is to say that the Lance Armstrong, pre-six Tour-de-France victories would not have wanted to make a foundation for cancer? He simply did not have the power to start a foundation for cancer. But once he gained the power, it gave him a means to the end. Often we have ideas that would show great amounts of responsibility, but simply cannot put them into action because we do not have power, and in this way power has a great effect on responsibility. Power does not always change a person’s morals or responsibility, it just gives them the opportunity to achieve greater things that they may not have been able to accomplish before they gained their power.

An increase in responsibility will change a person’s use of power because they may do things for the good of other people that are not necessarily looking out for themselves. In the case of Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, his level of responsibility was increased when he became the man in charge of a squad of marines. Many people believe that his actions were crimes against humanity, but in his situation he used his power responsibly to try to heel the men he was responsibly for alive. An article by Josh White of the Washington Post says:
Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, 26, told his attorney that several civilians were killed Nov. 19 when his squad went after insurgents who were

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