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Essay On Summer Vacation Plans

6. Essay Summer Vacation in English

Family Vacation - 1041 Words

9/13/13 The Best Family Vacation Ever “Finally,” I said as I fell onto my bed. “My own bed.” I had not slept in my own bed for two weeks. Why? I had just returned from the biggest adventure of my life. My family, including my dad, my step-mom, both of my little brothers, my aunt, two of my cousins, my grandmother, and I, had all rented a fifty foot RV and traveled out west. But let me back up about two months. It

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My Plan for Summer Holidays :

  • This summer holiday is going to be a special one for me
  • I am planning to meet my grandmother during this summer holiday
  • It’s been 2 years since I met her
  • I miss her and she is waiting for me with a special gift
  • I am very eager to spend my holiday with my grandmother

My Plan for Summer Holidays : (Short Essay)

Holidays are very exciting and it is quite normal that everyone is excited about summer holidays. This year, we have planned a long trip to Kodaikanal. Kodaikanal is a very nice place and one of the most beautiful hill stations in the world. Since it is already hot this year, I think our plan to Kodaikanal during the Summer Holidays is going to be an enjoyable one. We have planned to stay in a cottage and visit all the most famous tourist destinations in Kodaikanal. I hope the weather in Kodaikanal while we reach there is going to be favorable for us.

My Plan for Summer Holidays : (Brief Essay)

All these years, I have spent my summer holiday going out to trips. This year I have planned to make it a productive holiday time.

I am going to focus on 2 things during my summer holidays this year. One is yoga and another is my favorite hobby gardening. My father always used to tell me that Yoga is a great art; one who practices Yoga will be able to increase his/her concentration power. In order to improve my focus on studies, I have decided to go to Yoga Classes this year during holidays. The Local “Yoga for Youth” Organization conducts free sessions for school students every year, especially during summer holidays. I have enrolled my name for this program and 2 of my friends are joining me for the same.

The next thing that I am planning to do is gardening. Gardening has been an interest for me; but since I have dance classes every evening after school I couldn’t involve myself in gardening. So I have planned to design a garden myself and give all my time during Summer Holidays. Within a month or 2 I am sure that the garden will be all set so that I can spend little time to preserve all the plants and trees once the school reopens. I am looking for rare plants that are herbal in value and good for the environment. Once my garden works are done, I am planning to build a fence around.

Both these tasks have been my plan ever since last summer holidays were about to end without any big achievement. So no matter what, I have planned to prioritize these 2 things and be a better person when I move to the next class.


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