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Thanksgiving No Homework Pass Passes

Thanksgiving Homework Pass {printable}

Hello lovely blog friends! I have specifically put aside schoolwork and house decorating to sit and blog for once!

I've been thinking a lot and I finally have a theory on my lack of blogging. You see, I only started blogging about a year ago, but it was late December and I was ready for vacation and to start blogging.

Then the winter set in. Those of you who know the New England area know how looooong and cold the winters are here. Hence, lots and lots of time for blogging! So I'm thinking that I just need to get through this last month of craziness, then it will be blog city. Hopefully!

To make up for being away from here so much, I whipped up a little homework pass. I was hoping this was something that a lot of people could use, since we all give homework (I think). It's just a small way to say thanks to everyone who stops by and I really hope some of you will be able to use this with your students this week.

Oddly enough, I will NOT be handing out this homework pass to my students because they LOVE homework. Seriously. A couple of them complain a teensy, but I know it's all an act because they are always asking what the assignment is and running in to show their completed work the next morning. It's one of the many perks of working with ELL newcomers--they love to learn English! :)

Sooo...before I share the file...I've read here and there about this incredible week-long Thanksgiving break. How cool! I never knew such a thing existed until I met all of you! Are any of you on break right now? Do you use the time to start holiday shopping?

If you're not out of school yet, how many days do you have this week? We are in until Wednesday, so fingers crossed for a quick week. Happy-almost-Thanksgiving!!!

{click on the image below to download the file}

{Border by Miss Tiina at}

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