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Advantage That Live At Home Essay

When young people enter the university they have several variants where to live. Some of them choose to live at home and others – at a hostel. Both of these variants have their advantages and disadvantages. I would like to consider pluses and minuses of living in the dormitory.

A lot of students prefer to live in the dormitory while studying at university and there are many advantages of their choice. First of all it is rather profitable for them to live in a hostel if their hometown is in the other city, because a room in a hostel is rather cheaper than, for example, renting a flat or a university even provides free rooms for students. Secondly, a hostel is usually close to university, so you do not need to spend your time and money or to have your own car to get there. One more advantage of living in the dormitory is that you become more independent. This is clearly shown by the fact that your parents and relatives are far from you and you should make a lot of decisions by yourself. You become more serious also, learn how to cook, get housekeeping skills and many other things. Finally, if you live in a hostel you have a lot of friends and groupmates who are also live there and who you can communicate with or ask for help.

There are also a lot of negative aspects of living in a hostel. One of the disadvantages of living in a hostel is that living conditions there are far less comfortable from that which you have at home. There are a lot of factors which distracts you from studying or any other business. It is difficult to live if your neighbours and roommates are too noisy. Here is a quotation of one woman who had an experience of living in a hostel:

“Your life in a hostel mostly depends on your neighbours. I was living in a dormitory while studying at the university, almost 40 years ago. One of four of my roommates was too insolent and energetic: she often invited guests and listened to music till 3 a.m. Finally she was dropped out from the university, but her previous activity influenced on other’s studies and even health”. So, because of that it is hard to follow your regime of the day, to go to sleep in time, for example. Another negative aspect of living in a hostel is an existence of cockroaches and other insects in most of them. So if you are afraid of cockroaches you just can’t live in a hostel. A further drawback is that you should follow hostel’s rules which are sometimes inappropriate for you. For example, in the dormitories of Novosibirsk State University public showers are not opened on Wednesdays, so you do not have an opportunity to take a shower. It is most uncomfortable for persons who are going in for some sport and have trainings on Wednesdays.

All in all, in spite of many well-known drawbacks of living in a hostel, such life has series of advantages which help young people to prepare for an independent adult life. Only in a dormitory you can feel a real taste of student’s life. I believe that after some time of living among strangers one could learn a lot.

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Leaving home by young people is a problem to be considered individually. There are some issues concerning leaving with parents which a person may find advantageous or disadvantageous ones depending on what the person values most. The main advantages may be: subsistence, housework or advice. As far as economic reasons are concerned, a young person does not have to worry about payments. In this way (s)he has more money to spend for leisure activities. Another advantage may be less housework to do, which means more time for studying. You do not have to worry about cooking, ironing or cleaning. If you live with parents, you always have someone to talk to and rely on. Parents support you in difficult situations and their life-based wisdom can be very helpful. As you can see there might be quite a few advantages of staying at home with parents. However, one may also see some disadvantages, like: limited privacy or different opinions. Parents may watch your hands and the way of doing things. You may often have to explain where you have been or what you have done. Different points of view and quarrels are nearly unavoidable. Generally, in my opinion the matter of leaving home is a very individual one and should not be decided too quickly. One should carefully consider all pros and cons before deciding which case is better.

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