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Where to find non-plagiarized nursing essays samples

Nursing is a profession which ensures the promotion of health. The duty assigned to nurses is very sensitive in nature as they deal with people’s health. They advocate people about their diseases and other health issues. When it comes to writing of an essay or research paper on nursing then you have to be careful. In nurse essays, you are going to brief readers about the services of nurses and tasks assigned to nurses, how are they going to deal with illness of the patients, so you have to be very selective in choice of your words. It is a problem usually people face that how to get the plagiarism free nursing essay.

Nursing Essays

Nursing is a type of profession which you can write a lot about. You need to write essays, research papers, term papers and other assignment papers for the better understanding of the subject and profession. Usually the writers or researches feel sick about writing an essay or research papers. They think instead of brain storming and spending too much time, we can get these essays handy by coping material for it. It is very unethical to copy someone’s content without his/her permission. Most of the people, these days interested in finding original essays written on nursing but they fail to find one. This article provides you with true piece of information related to the plagiarism free nursing content.

How to assure the essay is plagiarism-free?

These are the following basic key points which you have to look at to get a plagiarism free nursing essay:


  • There are number of websites providing you the facility of assessing written material.
  • You can use these websites to check originality of the content.
  • Downloading:

  • There is also option of downloading always available at different websites.
  • You can download the software of checking plagiarism for your own ease.
  • You can easily find plagiarism detection software on the internet.
  • You can use them for the verification of the content of nursing essays.
  • References:

  • Usually the references are provided at the end of the content or essay; you can verify the references as well for your assurance.
  • Manual Checking:

  • You can check the essays manually as well.
  • It might be a time taking activity but you can seek help of an experienced person who is checking these papers for years and even with a single look to the content, he/she will be able to distinguish between the original essay and a plagiarized one.

New Graduate Nurses Essay

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Transitioning from nursing school to working in a hospital setting can be a challenging time for a new graduate. Due to the nursing shortage, new graduate nurses are being hired with little to no experience. This is overwhelming for new nurses, especially when they are not getting adequate support or training from the hospital. The amount of stress, pressure, and lack of training is leading to a high turnover rate for new graduate nurses. With patient acuity on the rise, new graduate nurses that are filling these vacancies in the hospitals, need to be competent nurses to provide proper and safe care to the patients. This article researched the competency of new graduate nurses. “Nursing competence is not only a professional standard…show more content…

Communication includes verbal and written, as well as the ability to document data. One of the most difficult transitions, and a main stress factor, is the new graduates’ ability to communicate with the physicians. Having the ability to be a leader is a key to success. “To be an effective leader, a nurse must show collaborative teamwork, which is consistent with AACN core competencies. To fulfill this competency, new graduates must be able to delegate to others to promote patient safety and health” (Theisen & Sandau, 2013). Conflict resolution with team members and patients was a noted as a skill that new graduates lacked. “Several new graduates expressed concern that they were unprepared to deal with conflict appropriately and professionally” (Theisen & Sandau, 2013). Due to the lack of experience, new graduates are unfamiliar with the proper ways to deal with conflict successfully. Mentorship has been an effective way in improving new graduates confidence in dealing with conflict, because they were guided through real situations. Organization, prioritization, and time management was another identified problem. The ability to prioritize patient care, which has a direct effect on patient safety, is a critical component of nursing. “Both new graduates and employers have

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