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      Have you done your homework?
      1. (used to address more than one person) 
      Mom, can I go outside and play? - Have you done your homework?¿Mamá, puedo salir a jugar? - ¿Hiciste la tarea?
      Have you done your homework? - I've done most of it; I just have one assignment left.¿Hiciste los deberes? - Ya hice la mayoría; solo me queda una tarea más.
      2. (used to address more than one person) 
      Can we go to the beach, Dad? - That depends. Have you done your homework?¿Papá, podemos ir a la playa? - Depende. ¿Hicieron la tarea?
      Have you done your homework? - Not yet, but can't we do it later?¿Hicieron los deberes? - Todavía no, ¿pero no los podemos hacer más tarde?
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